Collaborative Care for Complex Patients orange-shape63x60


Our healthcare system is under tremendous pressure—from changes in legislation to a challenging economy—making it difficult to deliver healthcare that provides both improved outcomes and cost savings for the most complex patients.

Physicians Pharmacy Alliance understands this.

We also understand that our industry can’t tackle these challenges in silos, and that true collaboration is necessary to manage exorbitant costs. Chronically ill patients require support that stretches beyond the walls of a physician’s office or pharmacy window: personalized care that hinges on collaboration and visibility across care teams to ensure patients understand and have access to prescribed medication regimens, along with the help they need to maintain long-term adherence.

PPA partners with payors and providers to simplify the management of complex patients, reduce healthcare costs, provide validated outcomes to meet reporting requirements, and equip care teams with the resources and support they need to deliver results.



Reducing the Cost of Care

Increasing quality measurements and rising cost make it difficult to manage your complex patient populations. We have a proven approach to help you achieve outcomes. Learn how an integrated approach can make a big difference.


Patient Identification and Engagement

We work with providers to make certain your patients adhere to their prescribed medication regimen.  Often your patients have access issues and challenges with adherence. Let PPA help you support your complex population.

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Focused on Your Health

We care about your health. We work with you and your physician to ensure that you have access to your medications and are able to stay on the right therapy.  From our home delivery to our caring support, our primary mission is to improve your health.    Read More